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The 700 story

1960 was to be a record sales year for the 700 Coupé. Almost 10,000 cars left the Munich plants, and from September one could order the "Saxomat" semi-automatic transmission familiar from the BMW 600 as an optional extra. But only a year later there was even happier news for friends of the new 700 Coupé. A small car with such a sporty chassis almost cried out to for a more powerful engine, and from the modelyear 1961 this was released in the form of the BMW 700 C Sport. A considerable increase in compression ratio from 7.1 to 9.0:1, improved camshafts and a double Solex carburettor increased the power of this horizontally opposed engine by 30% to 40HP.

To improve oil cooling, the engine had a ribbed oil pan, and the short gear ration now transferred the power onto the rear axle. While the automobile testers had been full of praise in their verdict on the 30HP Coupé, many journalists could scarcely hide their enthusiasm for this little power package. Taking only 20 seconds to reach 100 km/h and with a topspeed of 135 km/h, the fact more that the 40HP version only cost DM 300,- more than the less powerful model was reason enough to be pleased.

The first cars had been presented to automobile journalists in fitting style on the Nürburg Ring in August and in September the new BMW 700 was presented to the general public. Even in 1961, more Sport Coupés were sold than models of the 30HP type, and this remained the case uptil the end of production in 1964. There was soon a sports version with the long awaited tachometer, and the works could even supply a special sport exhaust system which positively influenced the car's performance and aroused considerable acoustic interest. In the advertising brochures, the 700 Sport Coupé was always featured on the race track - a true forerunner of the GT generation.

700 story...

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