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The 700 story

From February 1963, the 700 Coupé was also given more power when the inlet valves of the horizontally opposed engine with 7.5:1 compression ratio were enlarged. This modest increase of 2HP could in fact be clearly felt on the road. In spite of improvements, especially in the BMW 700 Limousine, which was build with a wheelbase extended by 16 cm (6.3 inch) from the beginning of 1962, it was gradually becoming clear that interest in vehicles like the BMW 700 was waning. More and more competitive models appeared on the scene, and BMW itself had taken a new and very successful course with the completely new 4-cylinder 1500 model of the "New Class". Soon, the space required for the production of the BMW 700 models would be needed for production of new series. In May 1964 production of the 700 and 700 Coupé came to and end, but the history of this small, appealing car was not yet over, indeed it was enriched by a further oddity...

At the IAA in 1964, BMW presented the 700 LS Coupé with the longer wheelbase of the LS Limousine. For cost reasons, any major renewal of the appealing body design had been avoided. An emergency solution was found so as to be able to use existing 700 Coupé parts for the longer chassis. In order not to strain BMW capacities, the bodymakers Baur were once again called upon to make the necessary modifications. The body was retained as far as the C column and the additional centimeters had to be put into the rear of the car alone. The latter was thus rather oversized, although there was a new, flatter and larger rear window in order to provide a gentler transition. An attempt was made to enhance this model with abundant chrome ornamentation and a luxerious interior with comfort seats, carpeting and imitation wood, but the disharmony in the car's lines was too obvious to be excused by customers. The BMW LS Coupé was produced in 1964 and 1965 only with the 40HP engine and weighted almost 100 kg more than predecessor models.

700 story...

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