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Rust in peace

We commonly like to look at shiny 700’s but there are 700’s out there desperately looking for some tender, love and care.

There is hope that one day someone will stumble upon one of these 700’s and fix them. Other’s are simply beyond repair, may they rust in peace.

If you have pictures of a 700 in dispair then do please share these by using the contact form. They deserve the attention.

1960 Flugplatzrennen Klagenfurt

Klagenfurt Airport (Austria) was built in 1914 as a military airfield.
In 1958, a first expansion phase took place with a concrete runway and in 1960 the Carinthia Automobile and Touring Club and the Austrian Automobile Sports Club organized a race for motorcycles and automobiles on a course of 2.2 km in length.


BMW 700 advertisements from around the world.

If you have any advertisements not shown in the list then please contact me as I would love to add them to the website.

LS Coupe at the BMW museum

The LS Coupe marked the end of the 700 series. Enjoy these photos from the LS Coupe on display at the BMW museum in Munich.

With special thanks to Stephen Landau, the photographer, allowing me to share these pictures with you.

Please respect the copyright of his pictures.

Gaisbergrennen 1961

In 2019 we’ll be celebrating the 60 years anniversary of the BMW 700! To not let this go unnoticed new content will be published on BMW700.net throughout the year.

I am kicking off with the Gaisbergrennen of 1961 which turned out to be a historical event for BMW. With the legendary hill climb champion Hans Stuck, 60 years at the time, at the wheel they secured the #1 position with their 700 RS.

Please do respect the copyright of these photos.


It sounds quaint by today’s marketing standards, but for much of the 20th century, if you were a car company, and you wanted to sell some wheels, you made a brochure.

Let’s take a trip down memory lane with these BMW 700 brochures.