Hernán Queirolo

These pictures are with courtesy of Hernán Queirolo from Argentina. Here is Hernán’s story:

About the DeCarlo/BMW 700 and 29 years of stories…

“Hi, I believe that I am part of a mixture of pride and curiosity with a small number of people who, after many years, still own their first car. I will soon be over 29 years with my first DeCarlo/Bmw 700. And with being 47 years old that has been more than half of my life.”

“Back in 1988, with my brand new driver’s license, I was determined to achieve the dream of owning my first car. To be honest, my interest in classic cars in those years was triggered more by a limited budget rather than by one of good taste.
I should be thankful though, having more financial resources at that time would surely have kept me from “discovering” the beloved BMW 700.

A DeCarlo 700, as the BMW 700 was known as in Argentina, topped my list of options and in May 1988 the ‘discovery’ arrived, in a respectable state and clearly used carefully. And although the worn paint of its original red color did not make a good impression, the general state was good, it was complete and more importantly; everything was fully functional!
Then came the repairs, improvements, painting, all putting coin on coin. And the everyday use, which was from low to high: from small trips, daily commuting to work and weekend trips to my first participation in a regular race of more than 1,500 km in 1991.

There are many more anecdotes and stories to tell…!

A big hug from Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Hernán Queirolo”