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…I have a small favor to ask., online since 2002, is a hobby project. The costs related to the website are paid for by myself, which I don’t mind as every hobby costs money. Lately however, costs of running the website are increasing. Although hosting has become cheaper over the years, licenses to enable some functionalities and keeping the website up to date with latest developments (e.g. security and privacy) come at an additional cost.

If everyone who’s reading the articles, watching the photos, and who likes it, contributes a little, the future of this website would be secured. Every received penny, cent, peso, krone will be invested in this website.

Just one dollar/Euro/GBP per visitor per year would help big time.

If you wish to support my work, then please consider to make a donation via PayPal. For this purpose you can use the form below. Any donation over EUR 30.- (this includes EUR 20 for world wide shipping) will be honored with a Dutch delicacy, accompanied by a personal note in your own language, send to any address in the world.

If you don’t want to use the form and wish to make a donation directly from PayPal then please use as the receiving party.

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