Vehicle Identification Numbers

The Vehicle Identification Number (VIN), also called a chassis number, is a unique code used by automotive manufacturers to identify individual motor vehicles. Until 1981 there was no standardized format for VIN’s and each manufacturer would use it’s own format. To identify the model ‘700’ BMW used a simple 6-digit number.

This 6-digit number can be found on the VIN plate which is mounted under the front hood. When it left the factory the engine would have a matching number stamped on it.

By typing a VIN in below field you can lookup the model, year of build and the total build of the specified model in that year. Please note that this list has been compiled from multiple lists coming from different sources and should be quite accurate but is not guaranteed to be 100% correct or complete.

If you come across an inconsistency then do please let me know by using the contact form. This will help to make the list more precise.